Unity and Truth Together!

Yes, the restoration plea is about unity. But that is only part of it. This unity hinges on the second part, which is truth! The restoration plea, you see, stands only on the authority of the Scriptures. Raccoon John Smith once stated it this way in the 1800’s, “Let us, then my brethren, be no longer Campbellites or Stoneites, New Lights or Old Lights, or any other kind of lights, but let us come to the Bible, and to the Bible alone, as the only book in the world that can give us all the light we need.” Notice that union and truth are together! Union not based on truth is not biblical union at all. My prayer is that we continue to come to the Bible and the Bible alone! I pray that that Bible will continue to be our source of authority! I pray that we use the Bible only to make Christians only! Let’s restore the restoration plea of unity, but ONLY on truth!

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