The Need for Revival

It is that time of the year again! I am not referring to the Spring time—although I sure welcome the warmer temperatures! I am not talking about school almost being out—although I love my summer time with my family! What I am referring to is the time for our revival meeting! Now I don’t mean that in a negative sense. You see, I love revival meetings! Over the course of my years of ministry, I have had the privilege to be the host evangelist for many great evangelists. Here is a short list:

· Raymond Bennett
· John Butler Book
· Jack Cottrell
· Larry Pierson
· Dean Mills
· Jim Newman
· Tom Napier
· Tom Claibourne
· Tom Thurman
· Dr. David Grubbs
· Keith Wooley
· Ronnie Abshire

Some of these names you may recognize. But a common thread that runs through all the preaching of the evangelists listed above is strong biblical preaching and teaching! Men who are true to old Jerusalem Gospel! Men who believe in the restoration of the New Testament Church.
Of course there are other elements, besides great biblical preaching, that help to make a revival meeting great! Let me suggest a few here.

Your attendance—How can revival ever really take place in your life if you are not here for the meeting? I wish sometimes that I lived in the day when revival meetings were packed. Stories are told of how the church had to bring chairs into the assembly just to have space for people. Even before those days, which many of you may remember, there were times when people would stand outside in open windows just to hear the Gospel proclaimed. And most of those people were not concerned if the preacher ran a few minutes over! In fact, who was keeping the clock? People just seem to be so busy today, including church members for their own revival. I encourage you to be here every night that you can be here! You know, Lord willing, I will be here—and not simply because I am the preacher!

Attitude—A good one I hope! Our attitude coming into the assembly makes a HUGE difference, not only during a revival meeting, but also every first day of the week. It all goes back to the “get to” or “got to” sermon series I preached last year. The proper attitude is “I get to assemble with church for a revival meeting.” It is not: “Do I got to go to another night of revival?” I personally, consider it a privilege to be here each evening, and, again, not just because I am the preacher. I “get to”!

Open hearts and minds—The Gospel doesn’t change, but often times during a revival meeting, things are presented in a way that we may be challenged to make a difference. Revival often calls for changes in our lives. For those who have not followed the biblical plan of salvation, it is taking that initial step. For those of us who have been obedient to the Gospel, it may be some lifestyle changes. It may even be an attitude adjustment. But if we come in with closed hearts and minds to the preaching of the Gospel, these changes will never take place! Pray for those who attend our meeting to open their hearts and minds. And while you are at it, pray that you would also.

There are so many other elements, but I am coming to the end of my space. But here is a list of a few more:

· Great music
· Great fellowship
· Attendance from local churches
· And many other things!

The Bible Only makes Christians Only!