Thankless Jobs

Many people work where they never hear “thank you” for all their labors. It happens in ministry and it happens in the secular world. Today I have one big thank you to the Public Works – Solid Waste Management Department here in town.

We scheduled a BIG pickup. And when we said big, we meant BIG!!! This morning about 11:00 they stopped here at our home and took everything we put out! Now we worked hard getting it ready and making it where it would be the right size and weight – but there was a lot of stuff out there. They cleared it all out and only left the trash cans! Thank you for your thankless job. Your role in the city is very important and essential.

It reminds me in the church of just how essential each ministry is. We often think that our role is not important – but the Apostle Paul writes about how the whole body (the local church) works together as the human body does. And each role is important!

(Romans 12, I Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4)
The Bible Only makes Christians Only!