Book of the Month


How the Bible Book of the Month works

Each month, one book of the Bible (sometimes groups of small books) will be studied. All the Sunday morning sermons will be taught on that month’s book (or books). Everyone will also be encouraged to read through the book (or books) during the month. When the study is complete, the church will have read, and been taught from all the books of the Bible. 

Benefits of the Bible Book of the Month

  • Serious study of the Word of God.
  • The whole Bible is studied. See how it all fits together.
  • Variety within continuity.
  • Growth: Both Evangelist and the congregation.
  • Outreach: People want to hear good Bible preaching.
  • Builds faithfulness to the Lord.
  • Stirs interest in books for further study.
  • A feeling of accomplishment.