You may be wondering why I have two grave stones in my blog.

Let me explain: My son and I are going to go to the National Missionary Convention and I was reminded of some of the early missionaries in the American Restoration Movement. Dr. James Barclay came out of denominationalism, as I did. He became convinced that a person needed to be immersed. He was soon baptized by R.L. Coleman in the James River at Scottsville. After the death of his mother he decided to go to Jerusalem as a missionary. One of his desires was to proclaim the New Testament faith from Mt. Zion, as it was preached by Peter on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2). What an honor to go back and preach where the Gospel was first proclaimed!

Earlier this summer, my wife and I visited Bethany, WV. Bethany is where Alexander Campbell lived. He is also buried, along with his father Thomas, and many other family members, across the street in “God’s Acres”. While there, I snapped the picture above. Julia Ann Barclay is buried beside her husband James. Their grave stones are in the shape of Bibles – turned up on their sides.

I pray daily for our churches. I pray daily for our preachers. I pray daily for our missionaries. I pray daily that we would preserve and contend for the faith once delivered!

History notes above taken from the Churches of Christ by John T. Brown, Louisville: John P. Morton and Company, 1904, pp 440-441.

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