I was just Folding the Side Lites!

I was just sitting here minding my own business. I was folding the Side Lites (which are going out on Sunday). I was looking back over my article on the front cover called “Pastor Appreciation?”. Now if you know me very well, and if you are a good Bible student, you will realize that my article is about the elders of the church. So I am folding up a storm, when what would pop up in my email inbox but a note from a “senior pastor” from one of our sister churches.

Now normally Pat, the secretary here at South Side, would hear me groan and come check on me, but she is not here. So I thought I would do my groaning here.

What ever happened to “Calling Bible things with Bible names and doing Bible things in Bible ways”? Are the principles of the restoration plea still valid and appropriate for 2006 (soon 2007). I believe they are! I still seek to go back and restore that church we read about in the New Testament – including their “pastors” (elders) and evangelists (Ephesians 4:11).

All my blog readers will have to wait until after Sunday to get the full article from the Side Lites – I always make sure the local church gets it first. I will post it here in the blog. But lets all go back to the Bible!

Thanks for letting me groan here. I am longing for the day when the ONE AND ONLY “Senior Pastor” will appear. I believe Peter calls Him the “Chief Pastor” (I Peter 5:4). You see, when He appears, we will receive our unfading crowns of glory!

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