Covid19 Precautions

South Side Church of Christ is taking precautions to keep from spreading Covid19.


We ask that you wear a face covering as you enter and leave the building, and anytime you are moving about the building. We will have masks available in the foyer, if you happen to leave your face covering at home.


We are also not shaking hands and hugging one another, as we try to maintain a social distance of six feet, or more.


In taking precautions, we are also asking everyone not to use the Hymnals or the Pew Bibles. Currently, we are projecting all the words to the hymns on the front screen. All Bible verses are also projected on the screen (although a person is encouraged to bring their own Bible from home).


We offer the Lord’s supper each week (Acts 20:7). During this time, we are passing stackable cups to each individual person – the bread is in the bottom and the juice is on the top. When the Lord’s supper is finished, the servers go back and collect the used cups from each individual person. Offering plates are not passed, but a basket for missions and a plate for the general fund are in the foyer as a person enters the building.