County Meeting

I am excited! This Tuesday, the South Side Church of Christ is hosting the Vermilion County Churches of Christ/Christian Churches. Each month a different church hosts the meeting. Of course, the churches are not a denomination, so that is not the nature of the meeting. The meeting is simply a time of singing and fellowship and preaching! Isn’t it great that people of like faith can meet as one – as the church? Of course, with us being the host, I get to preach! My sermon will be on the Uniqueness of the Churches of Christ/Christian Churches. Basically, I will be speaking on why I attend the Church of Christ. I am really looking forward to sharing this with the churches.

To help fire me up (as if I needed to get anymore fired up for the meeting) I have been reading a forum this past week where many are trying to say that we are a denomination. I have not posted anything in the forum because it seems that several in the group are in there to simply be divisive. But I firmly believe that we are NOT a denomination. In fact, I don’t describe myself as non-denominational, and definitely not inter-denominational. I consider myself anti-denominational. I came from denominationalism, and I never intend on going back!

If you are interested, the sermon will be posted on the web site for South Side later this week. Pray for boldness! Pray that we can be gracious hosts. Pray that we can continue to contend for the “one faith” and the “one church” that Jesus Christ said He built!

The Bible Only makes Christians Only!