Bridling the Tongue

We did it! Yes! We pulled off a surprise for Stella Good and her 90th birthday! What a wonderful day for South Side as we honored one of our many faithful Christian women!
It was great to hear Stella talk briefly after lunch about her church family. It was also nice to hear her talk about her husband, who served as an elder here at South Side.
In honor of Stella and her faithfulness to our Lord and Savior Jesus, I am reprinting an article published in a 1967 Side Lites by her husband, George Good.
As an evangelist, I am always humbled by the perseverance of people who have been in the Lord’s assembly for a good part of their lives. I am humbled even more when I realize some of the battles these saints have been through (both physical and spiritual) . Life is full of many ups and downs—and persevering can be quite challenging at times. Life can even be tougher when one stands firmly on the Word of God.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving this month—lets remember to thank the Lord for the many faithful Christians—those who have fought the good fight and the many who are still fighting the good fight right now. Thank you Stella Good for your godly example to our church family. Thank you for your continued faithfulness.

Your evangelist,


Elders Speak
“Bridling the Tongue”
By George Good
Otherwise be swift to hear and slow to speak. We are not to be teachers unless we know what to teach. The teacher does not have power of life or death over the listener, he does have the power of eternal destiny.
All men make mistakes, only One was perfect—Jesus the Christ, the Saviour of men.
If we are able to master our tongue, we can master sin. The head controls the tongue and the tongue has tremendous power. The horse is controlled with one little piece of iron, just as a bit is small, it does control the horse. Even the small rudder controls the great ship. And the tongue, tho small, can control us—note it’s power:
James in 3:6 identifies the tongue with fire! Money and the tongue seems to be our difficulty. The tongue represents the unrighteous world in our members—the tongue can defile the whole body. The tongue setteth on fire the course of nature. No one can tame this little organ in the mouth. Notice what is done with it—With it we bless the Lord and Father, and with it we curse! Can we bless and curse at the same time? Not if we have faith and love for our fellow man and for God.
Those who truly worship and honor God will be afraid to speak slanderously against men or God. Can blessings and cursings come from the same mouth? It cannot be for the Christian. A fountain cannot send forth sweet and bitter water at the same time. It is against nature to do this. A tree does not grow grapes and a vine figs. To one who knoweth to do good and doeth it not, to him it is sin. (James 4:17)
Plan your life with God. If you are sinning, God has all power over sin. Remember James 3:7-8.

Side Lites, March 24, 1967

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