Weekly Servers

November 2019
At the table-Myreon Reitsma & Dave Martin
Server’s -Bradley Martin, John Prefountain, Edward Harper, Steve Sinkes
Prepare Communion-Bridgette Martin

Security-Len McCallister

Sunday, November 3
Greeters -Dave & Bridgette Martin
Nursery-Volunteer Needed
Extended Session -Angie Sinkes
Youth Church – In Auditorium with adults
Opening Prayer & Scripture-Virgil O’Banion

Benediction -Jim McMillen
Communion to the Sick-Dave Sutton

Sunday, November 10
Greeters-Ken Weller & Brayden Williams
Nursery-Volunteer Needed
Extended Session-Janice Reitsma
Youth Church – David Martin
Opening Prayer & Scripture-Tom Hendrickson

Benediction -Edward Harper
Communion to the Sick -Myreon Reitsma

Sunday, November 17
Greeters-Leona Halstead & Anna Ruth Martin

Nursery-Volunteer Needed
Extended Session-Leona Halstead
Youth Church -April Sutton
Opening Prayer Scripture-Myreon Reitsma

Benediction-Virgil O’Banion
Communion to the Sick -Virgil O’Banion

Sunday, November 24
Greeters-Marilyn Krause & Margaret Cox
Nursery- Volunteer Needed

Extended Session-Donna Morse
Youth Church-Joan McMillen
Opening Prayer & Scripture-Dave Sutton
Benediction -John  Prefountain
Communion to the Sick- Dave Martin