2007 Hillsboro Family Camp

The camper and a tent were our humble abode this last week. We attended the 2007 Hillsboro Family Camp in Hillsboro, OH. The preaching was great! The singing was wonderful! The fellowship was fantastic! The family time was great! The camp looked really good! Person to Person Ministries always plans a program that is top notch. Five immersions (that I know of) into Christ for the forgiveness of sins; one man went forward to go into ministry and another man went forward to rededicate his life! It is always a blessing to be on Restoration Acres! The temperatures were hot – and we drank a lot of water!
I have been blessed to be able to attend most of the Family Camps at Hillsboro since 1988! If you love great, Bible based, straight down the line preaching – you will love Hillsboro! Plan to go next year if you can – July 28-31, 2008 – If the Lord tarries, and Lord willing, my family plans to be there next year! My daughter asked, “Daddy are we coming next year?” I asked her, “Why, do you want to come back?” Her quick, excited response, was “YES!” Maybe I will see you there!

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