Sunday Specials


2018 Sunday Specials

The person listed is responsible for finding someone to do a special during the Sunday morning worship service.Remember: It doesn’t have to be singing.– it can be a reading, a Scripture,poem, etc. Thanks for participating in the Sunday service this way!



7– Myreon Reitsma
14–Tabitha Harper
21–Ruth Hodshire
28–Delcena Austin


4–Dixie Holman
11–Betty Henry
18–Kevin Ziegler
25–Edward Harper


4–Bud Johnson
11–Marilyn Krause
18–Carrie Ping
25–Virgil O’Banion


1–Dave Martin
8–Janice Johnson
15–Leona Halstead
22–John Prefountain
29–Loretta O’Banion

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